Shooting at California Metal Show Leaves One Dead and Four Injured

A 32-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, while the singer of one of the bands was rushed to surgery

Shooting ay Metal Show

A shooting that took place during a heavy metal show Saturday (April 23rd) at the Marquis Lounge in San Bernardino, California, left one person dead and four others injured. The incident reportedly occurred during a set by the band Crawling Through Tartarus, whose singer, Matt Holzboog, was one of the individuals injured by the gunshots.

According to CBS Los Angeles, 32-year-old James Vincent Dickson was pronounced dead at the scene, while three others were taken to local hospitals by ambulance. NBC Los Angeles reports that another gunshot victim was driven to the hospital in a car, leaving a total of four people injured.

An associate of Crawling Through Tartarus named Matt Berg revealed on Facebook that the band’s vocalist was hit by two rounds and underwent surgery: “Prayers for my boys in Crawling Through Tartarus after a violent shooting during their set last night in San Bernardino. Zander Dixon was a brother to Jack Berg and me growing up and it’s terrifying to see the video of somebody opening fire. Their vocalist Matt [Holzboog] was hit by two rounds and is dealing with surgeries now. Make sure you send lots of love their way. Share their music with your friends, buy some merch, wish them well, etc.”

The group’s drummer, Zander Dixon, confirmed the news, writing, “Yes it’s true. Matt is out of surgery and he’s alive. Mite [sic] have to take a break from music for awhile. Wish us luck. Keep Matt the others who were wounded in your thoughts.” He also added, “For those wondering, Matt’s OK. He’s got another surgery scheduled. Keep him in your thoughts.”

According to the San Bernardino police, an investigation is under way, and no suspect or motive is known at this time. A TV news report from KTLA reported that the shooting stemmed from an argument inside the bar. A person named Phillip who works at the Marquis told the news station that the evening was meant to be a “car show” with a couple of bands performing.

Other bands on the bill included I Pariah, Exit Existence, and Greta.

See the KTLA news report and the aforementioned Facebook posts below.


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