Steve-O Says Prince Was a “Dick” to Him When They Met

The late musician wasn't impressed by the Jackass star

The stars of Jackass surely know that their gnarly antics aren’t for everybody, but Steve-O had to learn the hard way that Prince especially wasn’t a fan. On a recent episode of his podcast Steve-O’s Wild Ride!, the stuntman/comedian remembered that Prince was “a dick” and “condescending” to him when the pair first met.

While Steve-O is now an easily-recognizable celebrity in his own right, he implied that his encounter with Prince went down in the early 2000s, before Jackass had become a full-blown phenomenon. On the podcast, Steve-O recalled a go-to party trick he’d often use during this era to impress A-listers, which involved balancing a cup on his head, then drinking the liquid inside without using his hands.

“I met Prince one time,” Steve-O told the episode’s guest, Cheech and Chong star Tommy Chong. “I used to routinely perform tricks for people when I met them if I really wanted to impress them. So I said [to Prince], ‘Oh, let me show you this great trick. I’m gonna balance this drink on my head and then I’m gonna drink it without using my hands.’ I lay down on the ground, pick up the drink off my head with my knees, pick it up with my teeth —  He turns to my girlfriend and he says, ‘Does this impress you?’ In the most condescending, frankly dickheaded way. And I was like, ‘Man, Prince is a dick!'”

Thankfully, Steve-O seems to have let the incident roll right off his back: “You can’t make everybody happy. If anybody knows that, it’s me,” he chuckled. Watch the segment of the podcast episode below.

Steve-O — whose tricks while filming Jackass have racked up an estimated total of $5,820,000 in hospital bills — appears in the new installment of the franchise, this year’s Jackass ForeverAs for Prince, his long-shelved 1986 album Camille is finally being issued via Third Man, marking one of the first official Prince releases since his estate sold a controlling stake in the rights to his intellectual property last summer. You can also watch an adorably impassioned 11-year-old Prince advocate for Minneapolis teachers in newly-unearthed footage of a 1970 strike.



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