The Kids in the Hall Literally Rise from the Dead in Season 6 Red Band Trailer: Watch

Premiering on Prime Video on May 13th

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Cue the bass and roll footage of Toronto, The Kids in the Hall are back. Over 25 years after Season 5 ended, and some 12 years after the 2010 miniseries Death Comes to Town, everyone’s favorite Canadian sketch troupe is literally rising from the dead in the new Red Band trailer for Season 6.

The preview opens with ominous lightning as a backhoe exhumes a grave marked “THE KIDS IN THE HALL TV SERIES 1989-1995.” The camera finds Dave Foley, Bruce McCullouch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson six feet under, and together they wake up screaming.

The trailer cuts to Foley and McKinney playing the suits responsible, with McKinney dusting off his impression of the series’ executive producer Lorne Michaels. “Well, the curse is lifted and the kids are back,” McKinney sighs. Foley asks, “Who’s financing this time? The devil again?”

“Well, sort of,” McKinney replies. “Amazon.”

The trailer turns into a montage of sketches from the upcoming season. Vomit flies, a chid walks in on his parents starting up some erotic knee action, and we get a horrifying hint of a “penile stigmata.” This comes in contrast to what the suits think Amazon is looking for in the revival: “A funny show, but one that is free of targets, alarming edginess, and unsettling settings.” Looks like they won’t get their wish.

Check out the trailer below. The Kids in the Hall Season 6 premieres on Amazon’s Prime Video on May 13th.


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