Superfly Co-Founder Rick Farman on the Origins and Future of Bonnaroo

Veteran festival producer also sets the stage for their new crowd-sourced music event, Superf3st

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Superfly was just over five years old when co-founder Rick Farman and three of his former college buddies and fellow co-founders decided to create an event called Bonnaroo. Farman tells Brad, Barry and Lord Taco of The What Podcast why they wanted to do it, and why they thought it might work.

In addition to discussing the origins and future of Bonnaroo and other Superfly events, Farman digs into their newest venture: Superf3st. A community-based, Web3-enabled experiment, the goal of Superf3st is to build an event from the community up, giving members a chance to make decisions and influence the direction of the festivals itself.

Find out more and learn about Superfly’s history by tuning in to hear Rick Farman’s interview on The What. Listen above or watch the full conversation via the YouTube player below.

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