The Rome and Duddy Show Talks Red Rocks and Jealousy of Jam Bands

Plus, Rome and Duddy answer more fan Q&As

rome and duddy red rocks jam bands

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Sublime with Rome recently played the iconic Red Rocks in Colorado alongside GZA and Katastro, while Dirty Heads were part of the Sweet Water 420 jam band festival in Atlanta. On this episode of The Rome and Duddy ShowRome and Duddy revisit the gigs, with Duddy B revealing why he’s now jealous of jam bands.

Plus, the guys answer more fan questions, revealing their kids’ creative names for beer, takes on weird food, and the time one of them almost ate horse. Take a listen above, or watch the full chat below via YouTube. Then, make sure you like, review, and subscribe to The Rome and Duddy show at the links above or wherever you get your podcasts.

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