Top 50 Songs of 2022 (So Far)

Here are the tracks that have gotten us through the first six months of 2022

Best Songs 2022 So Far

We’re kicking off our 2022 Midyear Report with our favorite songs of the year so far.

What the hell happened to time? Remember when a week felt like a week? Since everything went belly up a few years ago, seven days seem to feel more like 30. Which might go some way to account for the onslaught of music we’ve received over the first half of 2022.

This feels like the first time since it happened that things are running at full-steam again — or more than full, really. The industry’s collective finger was on pause for essentially two years, and now we’re fast-forwarding to make up for it. It’s a lot to take in — then again, so is everything these days. We’re faced with such a constantly shifting rush of emotions, swings of positivity and negativity, that it only makes sense for music to mirror the surge.

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Over the last six months, we’ve witnessed the return of legends, follow-ups to viral hits, and rookie breakthroughs at a seemingly unprecedented clip. But if there’s one space where “too much of a good thing” doesn’t necessarily apply, it’s music. That’s especially true when we’re locked in an experience whirlwind; we need something to pull us back towards the ground, to tether us in the chaos and remind us simple joys still exist.

Perhaps nitpicking through such a smorgasbord of sound to find the “best” songs of the year so far is a bit of a fool’s errand. For one, there have just been so many good songs. For another, whatever got you through these last six months are the best songs, regardless of what the experts say. Maybe it’s better to say these are the 50 songs that the experts at Consequence have connected with the most so far in 2022. We know you connected with some of them, too.

Ben Kaye
Editorial Director


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