VIP Section at The Eagles Concert Breaks into Brawl During “Take It Easy”

Diamond VIPs paid a minimum of £399

Eagles brawl

Several men and at least one women were escorted out of the Diamond VIP section of The Eagles concert at London’s Hyde Park after a brawl broke out during a performance of “Take It Easy.”

Photos and footage obtained by Metro show security guards wrestling two men to the ground during the Jun 26th event, while another guard puts his hands around a man’s neck, and a fourth concert goer is forcibly held back. Later in the video, an irate woman in green is led away. Reportedly, an onlooker kept telling the fighters, “You’ve got to take it easy,” and he didn’t even get punched.

Diamond VIPs paid a minimum of £399, or over $485. According to a venue website, the package offers separate bathrooms, a “dedicated premium standing viewing area in front of the stage with unrivaled views of all the Great Oak Stage performances,” and access to plenty of bars, which may have played a role in the skirmish.

In the footage, several of the combatants can be seen gesturing in the direction of the others, seemingly placing the blame elsewhere. If the security guards couldn’t suss it out, perhaps The Eagles could be called upon to see who has “Lying Eyes.” Or perhaps not — like most of the crowd, the band ignored the fight and kept on playing the concert. Check out the video below, and head over to Metro for more pictures.


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