Stanning BTS: Breaking Down the “Yet to Come” Music Video

Diving into all the references and hints in the MV

Stannign BTS 187 - Yet To Come MV still via bighit music

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Just prior to putting their future on hiatus, BTS’ music video for “Yet to Come,” made plenty of allusions to the group’s past. The clip for the PROOF anthology single was chock-full of references to BTS’ career, and even gave us some hope for the future. (Which, frankly, we still have!)

On this episode of Stanning BTS, hosts Kayla and Bethany unravel the significance of the songs represented in the “Yet to Come” MV, share their perspective on BTS’ journey, and wrap up their feelings about what this anthology represents.

(Editor’s Note: This episode was recorded prior to BTS’ hiatus announcement. Expect Stanning BTS to address that news in the next episode!)

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