Christopher Eccleston: Straight White Males Are “The New Pariahs of the Industry”

"Quite rightly I'm a dinosaur now"

christopher eccleston straight white males new pariahs harvey weinstein

Christopher Eccleston, star of Doctor Who, Thor: The Dark World, and The Leftovers, said in a new interview that straight white males are “the new pariahs of the industry,” though he also acknowledged that more diversity in film and television is a good thing.

In a conversation with Times Radio (via Deadline), Eccleston noted, “Quite rightly I’m a dinosaur now. I’m white, I’m middle-aged, I’m male, and I’m straight. We are all seen through the lens of Harvey Weinstein et al. And I can feel that the opportunities are shrinking, as they should do.”

Eccleston seemed to be trying to thread the needle between gratitude for his success and appreciation for a changing industry, while also complaining about his own diminished opportunities. “I’ve lived off the fat of the land for 30 years of my career,” he said. “But I still have to pay my mortgage, I still have to support my kids, so I don’t welcome the uncertainty at all. The unpredictability was far more welcome to a younger person.”

In recent years the 58-year-old has given increasingly honest interviews. Back in 2020 he opened up about his lifelong battles with anorexia and depression, and earlier this month he told BBC Radio 5 that “I feel like a failure,” for not making the most of his opportunities in the 1990s. He said he had had “two incredible film roles,” in Jude The Obscure and Let Him Have It, and he believed he “fell short in both those performances.” He added that his work in those flicks compared poorly to the actors he considered his peers at the time, Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis. “Those were my chances to really, really hit it and have far more influence and far more control over the kind of stuff I did,” he said.

Up next for Eccleston is Young Woman and the Sea, in which Daisy Ridley stars as Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English channel.


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