Rap Song of the Week: Flo Milli Is “Conceited” for Good Reason

Plus, essential tracks from Powers Pleasant, Erica Banks, and Duke Deuce

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Every Friday, Rap Song of the Week runs down the essential hip-hop tracks you need to hear. Check out the full playlist here. Today, Flo Milli drops “Conceited” ahead of her debut album, You Still Here, Ho ?

At this point, Flo Milli is well on her way to being an established artist. After going TikTok viral with “Beef FloMix” back in 2019, the Alabama rapper proved she wasn’t a one-hit wonder with the follow-up “In the Party.” Her 2020 debut, Ho, why is you here ?, saw Flo Milli sharpening her measured, yet conversational flow and she stepped outside of the box with the SWV flip “Weak.” 20 years old at the time, it felt like Flo Milli was both confident in herself as an artist and had plenty of room to grow.

Of course, the project was positioned as a mixtape, so now Flo Milli is readying her debut album, You Still Here, Ho ?, after expanding her lane with the Fiddler on the Roof-sampling “Roaring 20s,” deceptively nimble  “Ice Baby,” and bounce-influenced “PBC.” Production-wise, her latest single, “Conceited,” is somewhat of a throwback to Flo Milli’s earlier days, but now that she’s been around for a while, there’s more conviction in both her delivery and lyrics.

Lyrics like “I been that bitch since a fetus” have been part of Flo Milli’s repertoire from the beginning, but now she’s at the point where addressing “mini-mes” and boasting that “Milli got hits” comes with the territory. Though Flo Milli’s never lacked self-belief before, there’s an extra pep in her step when she lets loose with lines like, “You pop pimples, ho, I pop shit/ You can talk like this when you really that bitch.”

Regardless of whether You Still Here, Ho ? should actually be considered Flo Milli’s debut album, what’s exciting is that she has continued to develop as an artist over the past two years. Having emerged with the charisma of a star, now’s the time to make good on that promise.


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