Foals on the Ecstatic, Unified Energy of New Album Life Is Yours

"[It's] cool to make something that's just defiantly radiant," says frontman Yannis Philippakis

Foals Life Is Yours Interview

Back in November, days before the release of Life Is Yours‘ lead single “Wake Me Up,” Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis assured listeners that this album would be a return to a “sweaty, late-night dance floor.” He wasn’t kidding: Life Is Yours is undoubtedly the most groove-oriented, shimmering Foals album yet, destined for the peak of a wild night and smartly positioned as an antithesis to a long period of lockdown.

If you are a Foals fan, the streamlined style of Life Is Yours is a bit of a left turn, albeit one that’s closer to the frenetic dance punk of their debut Antidotes and the introspective glow of Total Life Forever. Though a restless energy populates the dance-centric Life Is Yours, there’s very little agitation in the mix — where previous Foals jams like “Inhaler,” “What Went Down,” and “Black Bull” featured a grittier, more explosive palate, Life Is Yours is restrained, focused, and wholly indebted to disco and dance.

According to Philippakis, Life Is Yours may be different, but it is their most “unified” album. “We didn’t want to have the kind of polarity in the songwriting. We didn’t want to have shifts,” he claims, “We wanted the record to be more like a journey — like you’re going for a walk through the same park. You’re starting somewhere, and there’s diversity and richness within the space that you’re in, but you’re in one space. You’re not getting thrown from pillar to post.”


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