Halsey Concert Flooded by Rain Water, Rats: Watch

The singer eventually canceled the Merriweather Post Pavilion show

halsey concert flood rats merriweather post pavilion

In what might best be described as a Hopeless Fountain Kingdoma Halsey concert in Columbia, Maryland was canceled on Wednesday night after a rainstorm caused extreme flooding in the venue.

Fans were patiently waiting after the Merriweather Post Pavilion announced the show’s original 7:00 p.m. start time would be pushed back due to a weather delay. But all hell broke loose after attendees were finally allowed re-entry: As videos posted to social media show, the pavilion became a pond of sorts as rainwater — and pests — rushed down the bleachers into the standing area.

“There’s no way this Halsey Maryland show is real like WHAT,” one fan wrote on Twitter, alongside a video showing a security guard kicking a rat off the stage into the pit. (Maybe the rodent just wanted a good view of the show!)

With circumstances as bizarre as this, however, some could only laugh at their misfortune: “Halsey’s team went all out with the special effects for this tour,” another fan tweeted with a clip of rain pummeling through the ceiling onto the crowd.

Finally, the venue decided it was time to shut things down, tweeting: “The Halsey show will not be happening due to weather-related technical difficulties,” which we would argue is an understatement.

Later in the evening, Halsey went on Instagram live to explain the situation. She said that once the storm became dangerous, local authorities advised Halsey and their team to enact a shelter-in-place order to avoid even more chaos like a stampede. “It wouldn’t have been safe to let everybody evacuate at once,” she said.

“I made that decision [to cancel the show] to keep you guys safe, personally,” Halsey continued, adding that she was “heartbroken” and promising to reschedule the show. “I’m praying that everybody makes it home safe. Please send me tweets and tell me you’re home and tell me you’re OK.”

A “Nightmare,” indeed. See footage of the flooding and Halsey’s response below.

Assuming the weather cooperates henceforth, Halsey’s “Love and Power Tour” continues through July, and includes her appearance at New York’s Governors Ball this weekend; check ticket availability over at Ticketmaster. The trek is in support of Halsey’s latest record If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.


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