Hurry Up Reveal Origins of New Album Dismal Nitch: Exclusive

The Portland band share a breakdown of the inspirations behind their new record

Hurry Up Dismal Nitch Origins

Our Origins series gives artists an exclusive platform to offer insight into their latest release. Today, Hurry Up break down their new album, Dismal Nitch.

Explosive and extremely raw are two phrases that accurately describe Hurry Up. Following the disbanding of The Thermals, Kathy Foster (drums) and Westin Glass (guitar) have reunited with Bangs’ Maggie Vail (bass) once again for Hurry Up’s new album, Dismal Nitch, out today, June 24th.

Mirroring the superstardom of the All-American riot band, Hurry Up’s hallmark heavy guitar and rambunctious vocals are akin to everything rebellious and grunge of the golden rock era of the ’60s. The Portland group recorded the follow-up to their 2015 self-titled LP from late 2019 to early 2020 — just before the world was on the brink of disaster — making Dismal Nitch a crystal ball for the even more dystopian future to come.

The standout track “Toxic Lies” is a dismal cry of existentialism. “We made it through the tunnel but there’s no light,” Hurry Up sing. For a brief moment, they admit “we’re too fucked up to put up a fight” against injustice.

Elsewhere, “No!” rumbles and tears apart at the seams. Conceptually, it’s a lyrically simple track paired with convincingly boisterous vocals stemming from the subliminal anger built from a lack of boundaries.

“People who have benefited from historic injustice are digging in their heels to defend their positions of privilege, playing the victim, and acting like toddlers,” the band tell Consequence. “A lot of this record is a scream of frustration at this situation — and a warning about the dangerous implications of this trend.”

During a time that had many leaning into moments of existential questioning, Dismal Nitch indulges in fear of an uncharted future with an unrelenting cry out into the void of frustration. Above all, Hurry Up find the beauty in friendships and connection, restoring our faith in humanity moments before ripping it up again. Pick up your physical copy of the LP here.

Listen to Hurry Up’s Dismal Nitch and read the full Origins breakdown of the album below.


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