John Mulaney Talks Fatherhood and Documentary Now! on Meyers: Watch

Jenny Slate also guested to promote her upcoming film Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

John Mulaney Seth Meyers interview Jenny Slate

Seth Meyers had an all-star lineup of comedians on Late Night Wednesday, June 22nd thanks to guests John Mulaney and Jenny Slate.

During Mulaney’s two-segment appearance, he opened up to his longtime friend about fatherhood, which apparently involves watching shows like Bosch and The Lincoln Lawyer with his seven-month-old son Malcolm rather than more child-appropriate television. Mulaney also said his son loves to grab his phone when it’s in selfie video mode and put “the camera into his mouth.” He quipped, “So all his films have the same twist ending.”

The comedian went on to talk about an upcoming Season 4 episode of Documentary Now! that he co-wrote with Meyers. It’s based on Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, which Mulaney described as a “narrative film” about Herzog’s “actual film crew [moving] a steamship over the mountains of part of the Amazon River, which was very hard and crazy to do.” The episode stars Alexander Skarsgård as a “Werner Herzog-type who is trying to make a CBS network multi-cam in the middle of suburbia.” For Skarsgård’s character to make the show work, he has to “fly in a studio audience from Van Nuys, Calfornia.”

Meanwhile, Slate appeared to promote her new movie Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which is based on a short stop-motion film that went viral on YouTube back in 2010. “Dean-Fleischer-Camp, who I made the short with, posted it on the internet after showing it to 12 people at a comedy show in Brooklyn,” she remembered. “He showed it and one of them was like, ‘That’s such a nice thing. Could I show it to my mom?’ And so he put it on the internet, and we just thought it would be for this one person, basically, who wanted to send a happy little thing to their mom, and instead it went much wider than that.”

She continued by reading Meyers’ children’s book I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared in the voice of Marcel the Shell and also explained how Isabella Rossellini was cast in the movie. Watch Mulaney and Slate’s segments below.

Mulaney recently went from late night guest to late night host when he and Andy Samberg filled in for Jimmy Kimmel on an episode of his talk show, where they were originally slated to discuss their new film Chip n’ Dale: Rescue RangersFor the rest of the year, the standup comedian will be on the road as he continues his “From Scratch” tour; grab your tickets now via Ticketmaster.

As for Slate, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On hits theaters on June 24th.



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