Lil Baby Hops on Global Banger “Voodoo” by Badshah, J Balvin, and Tainy: Stream

Hindi, Spanish, English, and one hell of a good time

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Lil Baby has hopped on the newest version of “Voodoo,” Badshah’s trilingual smash hit featuring his own verses in Hindi, J Balvin rapping in Spanish, and one universal beat by Tainy.

If you haven’t heard of Badshah yet, let us be the first to congratulate you on the hours of fun that await. The Desi-Pop superstar is perhaps the most popular Hindi rapper in the world, with a rabid fanbase built on effortless hooks and an impeccable ear for beats. This “Voodoo” track by Tainy is one of his most convivial tunes yet.

Badshah has a lot in common with J Balvin, who also immersed himself in regional sounds on the way to global fame. “J Balvin is like an idol to me,” Badshah said in a statement. “He’s been doing what I have been trying to do in my own space, and the way he’s made a way for himself despite the language, despite the odds, really inspired me.”

Lil Baby takes the second verse for this iteration of “Voodoo,” spitting, “Mama got the body of a goddess/ I’ve been checkin’ on that new Bugati/ I’ve been tryin’ to leave, you’ve been tryin’ to stop me/ Maybe it’s voodoo and maybe it’s not.” Check out “Voodoo” below.

Lil Baby is currently on tour with a planned stop at Lollapalooza 2022. Tickets are available here.


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