Misfits’ 10 Best Songs

A countdown of the top tracks from the legendary horror-punk band

Misfits 10 Best Songs

Editor’s Note: This feature has been updated after originally running ahead of Misfits’ 2016 reunion.

With singer Glenn Danzig’s inimitable voice and love affair with countless horror films, the Misfits rose to prominence in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s as one of punk rock’s most explosive acts. But as with any relationship built upon chaos, there were fights — lots of fights. After just two albums, 1982’s Walk Among Us and 1983’s Earth A.D./Wolf’s Blood, Danzig and only consistent member Jerry Only parted ways, but not before establishing themselves as punk rock royalty.

Only re-formed the Misfits in 1995 with a new lineup and released four more albums, as well as the previously shelved Static Age, originally recorded in 1978. For more than 30 years, Danzig and Only couldn’t set their differences aside — until 2016, when they finally reunited to perform at that year’s Riot Fests. Since then, with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein on guitar and founding Slayer member Dave Lombardo on drums, they’ve played a number of select “Original Misfits” concerts over the past few years, including an incredible show at Madison Square Garden in 2019.

Recently, Danzig said he was done touring with his various bands, but would still play the occasional show here and there. No matter what he does for the rest of his career, Danzig left one helluva legacy with the horror-punk songs he wrote for the Misfits. See our picks for the iconic band’s 10 Best Songs below.


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