Nova Twins Break Down New Album Supernova Track by Track: Exclusive

The UK duo unpacks their sophomore album, out June 17th

nova twins supernova album breakdown

Consequence’s June Artist of the Month Nova Twins attempt to make sense of the balance between the battling elements of light and darkness on their captivating sophomore release, Supernova (out today, June 17th). Amy Love (guitar and vocals) and Georgia South (bass) once again prove to be a force of nature.

Throughout Supernova, Nova Twins balance peace and chaos, all while projecting their growth as artists and individuals. “It has light and shade… no matter how bad it gets or chaotic life can be, there’s always an end through that chaos. The album to us was an outlet, it was our way forward,” Love tells Consequence. “We hope when people listen to it, they feel that same energy like they can get through anything, take charge of their life, and take ownership. Main character energy all the way.”

Meanwhile, the need for representation and justice for the Black community continues to be one of the driving forces for Love and South’s music. On “Cleopatra,” a track that holds the essence of Supernova, Love and South unapologetically claiming their power as warriors and fighters, seeking to make sense of the complex emotions that accompanied the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Elsewhere, “Puzzles” embraces the duo’s freedom in their sexuality. A song best described as purely explosive, “Puzzles” is an essential track on Supernova that highlights the project’s celebration of life.

Listen to Nova Twins’ Supernova and check out the inspiration behind each track below.


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