SBTRKT Makes Poignant Return with Comeback Single “Bodmin Moor”: Stream

The high-powered single marks the UK producer's first new music since 2016

SBTRKT has finally returned with his first new music in six years. Today, the UK producer born Aaron Jerome has released the single “Bodmin Moor,” along with a mysterious music video.

SBTRKT teased “Bodmin Moor” earlier this week with a brief trailer called “Bodmin Moor Prequel,” in which a young boy in a cat mask (Seyan Patel) sees a man (Sex Education‘s Chaneil Kular) running away from what appears to be the aftermath of an explosion. In his frenzy, the man leaves behind a mysterious scroll, which the boy then unrolls to inspect himself.

The official music video for “Bodmin Moor” appears to be a prequel to the trailer, as Patel’s character reads a newspaper headline informing readers that a famous art piece has been stolen (spoiler alert: he has it). A stylish game of cat and mouse ensues, with SBTRKT’s glitchy, high-adrenaline beat acting as a fitting soundtrack.

SBTRKT offered a little context to the video in an Instagram post, writing: “The title references a place in the south west of the UK called Bodmin Moor where in the late 70s there were sightings of a large cat… known as the ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’ that was hunted… it was the seed for the creature on my seconds album cover… it represents my existing art.”

SBTRKT continued: “The main plot for the video represents my journey through the music business – and my prior records being owned in perpetuity by someone else. A big part of my reason for taking so long to return is navigating the industry and figuring out how to own my art.”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag (pun intended), you can watch the trailer and official music video for “Bodmin Moor” below.

SBTRKT’s last studio album was 2016’s surprise-released SAVE YOURSELF. In 2018, he remixed Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book track “All We Got.”


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