Scout LaRue Willis Dissects Her Self-Titled Debut Album Track by Track: Exclusive

Her debut effort is out today, June 24th

Scout LaRue Willis Track by Track

Our recurring Track by Track feature series allows artists to run through every song on their newest release. In this latest edition, Scout LaRue Willis breaks down her self-titled debut album.

Scout LaRue Willis makes herself known on her self-titled debut album, which is an uncontained gift to the sonic soundscape. Pioneering a new era for the Americana genre, Willis shares her journey to embracing her sensuality and accepting the inevitabilities of love and loss.

Whereas she once was hesitant to share her music with the world, Willis now boldly offers the deepest parts of herself on the record. “Goodbye” details the complexities of becoming sober, while her most experimental track, “Canyon,” is a direct timescape into the late 19th century, mirroring the wistful sounds of the old west.

In another sense, the single “Woman at Best” is a celebration of her femininity, a space for Willis to reclaim the power in her sexuality. The equally beautiful music video visualizes all that Willis rediscovers in her single, channeling sultry energy that seems to possess every part of her body.

“To me, it’s an anthemic celebration of the courage it takes to make the tough decisions in life and love that, while for our highest good, can often feel excruciating,” Willis tells Consequence. “A lot of songs on this album are quite wistful and yearning, but ‘Woman at Best’ is about completion energy. It’s an ode to that moment when you’ve made it through the conversation that was so terrifying you thought it might kill you, and now that you’ve made it to the other side you feel invincible and free.”

Listen to Scout LaRue Willis and read an exclusive breakdown of each track below.


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