The Kaleidoscopic Allure of Soccer Mommy

Sophie Allison discusses working with Daniel Lopatin and refining her sound on Sometimes, Forever

soccer mommy sometimes forever interview

It was the final day of February in 2020 when Soccer Mommy released Color Theory, her brilliantly crafted, exquisite sophomore album. Little did she know it would become an indie staple of the following months’ ensuing lockdowns, especially with darker lines like, “Cause I cling to the dark of my room/ And the days thin me out/ Or just burn me straight through” on “Circle The Drain,” or, “I guess the lesson’s learned, I’ve barely left my room in the past week/ And I’ve got my guard up trying all the time to stay clean/ But I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel anything” on “Bloodstream.”

Of course, Soccer Mommy — the project of Nashville-based singer and songwriter Sophie Allison — had no way of predicting that the vulnerable confines of her writing would reach us as we, too, were confined, and that the sweet surrender of Color Theory would indeed take on a much larger meaning throughout the pandemic. Nevertheless, Color Theory proved that Allison was in more command of her songwriting than ever before, and her unique combination of shoegaze, dream pop, and psychedelic indie rock was a magical antidote to the darkest times.

Now, with her third full length Sometimes, Forever, arriving this Friday (June 24th), Soccer Mommy is back with yet another attempt to translate the darkness into something spellbindingly beautiful. There are a few different ingredients to Sometimes, Forever that distinguish it from Soccer Mommy’s earlier efforts; for one, Allison teamed up with super-producer and electronic extraordinaire Daniel Lopatin — AKA Oneohtrixpointnever — and the resulting album is her most expansive and experimental work yet.


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