Randy Goes “Full Nuclear Karen” in Trailer for South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2: Watch

Out July 13th on Paramount+

south park the streaming wars part 2 teaser trailer paramount+ paramount plus randy marsh karen

Quick, hide the managers, Randy Marsh has gone “full nuclear Karen” in the new teaser trailer for South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2. The latest South Park movie event premieres July 13th on Paramount+.

The first Streaming Wars film arrived on June 1st, and followed South Park: Post Covid and South Part: Post Covid: The Return of Covid from last year. The latest from Trey Parker and Matt Stone is the fourth out of  14 movies in development, and according to an official statement, it shows what happens when a drought comes to Colorado’s most colorful city.

“I want in your water park right now!” Randy bellows in the trailer, looking chic with his black hair fluffed and coiffed. Stan’s dad also wields his cell phone as a weapon as he threatens to get a store full of people fired, and when he says, “I want to speak to your manager,” the force of his request sends the unfortunate employees flying. Check it out below.

Earlier in 2022, South Park unveiled Season 25, though it was only six-episodes long.  On August 10th, Parker and Stone will team up with Primus and Ween for “South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert.”


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