Building LGBTQ+ Communities with The Aces on Going There with Dr. Mike

The quartet talks about coping with anti-LGBTQ+ bias and discrimination

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The Aces close out Pride Month on the Going There podcast by joining host Dr. Mike in a discussion about building community to battle anti-LGBTQ+ bias and discrimination.

The indie pop quartet — Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, Katie Henderson, and McKenna Petty — talk about their own experiences coming out as gay in an industry that met them with powerful and damaging bias and discrimination. In order to cope, they needed to live a “double life in their head.” One part understood that they were gay, and the other had to be careful not to let those natural feelings come through for fear of damaging their career or leading to other forms of bias.

The Aces explain that this technique can be a very useful initial coping strategy for individuals who realize they are gay but have not yet come out. It can preserve one’s sense of authenticity and identity, but also protects people from emotional, social, and even physical harm. However, the band says that over time, this approach can ultimately limit one’s ability to fully embrace their identity and sexuality, leading to incredible stress.

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The Under My Influence artists explain how they were able to build a supportive and accepting community so that they could lead authentic, openly gay lives. As artists and advocates, they strive to build on existing progress in making the world a safer and more accepting place for members of the LGBTQ+ community — a world where we celebrate diversity rather than attempt to suppress it.

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