Anya Taylor-Joy’s Lavish Dinner Turns Grim in Official Teaser for The Menu: Watch

Also starring Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes

Well, this should be a doozy of a Yelp review: Searchlight Pictures has today unveiled the official teaser for The Menu, the forthcoming horror film from Succession director Mark Mylod. In this twisted thriller, Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult star as Margot and Tyler, an unassuming young couple trying to enjoy their fancy meal at an exclusive restaurant on a remote island. But head chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes) has something sinister up the sleeves of his whites.

“Over the next few hours, you will ingest fat, salt, protein, and at times, entire ecosystems,” Slowik tells his visitors as they arrive. While Tyler is immediately enchanted by the elaborate cuisine, Margot is skeptical of the restaurant’s militant atmosphere — and rightfully so. “You shoudn’t be here,” Slowik tells her later on. While the teaser doesn’t tell us much more about what terror is going on behind the kitchen’s doors, one thing’s for sure: It’s about to get ugly.

Considering Taylor-Joy has become somewhat of an icon in contemporary horror movies, her appearance in The Menu is sure to satisfy. The film also stars John Leguizamo, Judith Light, and Hong Chau, while Seth Reiss and Will Tracy wrote its screenplay. Searchlight hasn’t announced a set release date for it yet, but it’s expected to be served this November. Watch the official teaser for The Menu below.

Later this year, we’ll also see Taylor-Joy in David O. Russell’s upcoming crime epic Amsterdamwhile Hoult will star opposite Nicolas Cage in Renfield, a Dracula adaptation/spinoff from Chris McKay.


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