Todd Phillips Confirms Joker 2, Reveals Sequel Subtitle

The director posted a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading the sequel script

joker 2

Start practicing your high kicks, because Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker may live to dance on another set of stairs. Director Todd Phillips has shared a photo of the script for a new Joker film, as well as a shot of Phoenix reading the draft, all-but-confirming Joker 2 is on the way.

Dubbed Joker: Folie à Deux, the script gives writing credits to Phillips and Scott Silver, who collaborated on the original 2019 film. The French title translates to “shared madness,” which could suggest the direction for the sequel (Harley Quinn, anyone?). In any case, the sequel will likely be a blockbuster: After Joker became the most profitable comic book movie of all time, Warner Bros. reportedly offered Phoenix $50 million to reprise his Academy Award-winning role in two more films.

Phoenix most recently starred in Mike Mills’ drama C’mon C’mon, and will next be seen in Ari Aster’s upcoming drama Disappointment Blvd, as well as Ridley Scott’s “original and personal” take on Napoleon Bonaparte.

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