Tom Hanks Screams at Autograph Hound for Tripping Wife Rita Wilson: “Back the Fuck Off”

Don't mess with the Hankses

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After decades of maintaining a squeaky-clean reputation in the spotlight, we’ve finally learned the one thing that brings out Tom Hanks’ ugly side: Strangers messing with his family. The beloved actor lashed out at an autograph seeker on Wednesday night (June 15th) for getting a little too close to his wife Rita Wilson, bumping into her and causing her to trip.

According to TMZ, the pair was walking to their car in Manhattan amid a crowd of paparazzi and autograph hounds (including one guy holding a Wilson beach ball) when a man approached Wilson from behind, startling her. “Stop it!” she yelled at him after recovering from the stumble. Like the loyal family man we all know him to be, Hanks immediately came to her defense: “That is my wife!” he screamed in the man’s face. “Back the fuck off!”

By then, Wilson certainly wasn’t the only one startled; the entire crowd was in shock that America’s Dad had lashed out. But, if you ask us, this was a very fair reason to swear in a stranger’s face. See a clip of the spectacle below.

Hanks has two big-budget features coming out soon: Later this month, we’ll see him as Elvis Presley’s manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann’s biopic about the singer, and in September, he’ll star as wood-carver Geppetto in Disney+’s live-action Pinocchio remake.

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