Trixie Mattel Breaks Down The Blonde & Pink Albums Track by Track: Exclusive

The double LP is out today, June 24th

trixie mattel track by track the blonde & pink albums

Our recurring Track by Track series offers musicians the opportunity to share exclusive insights into every song on their latest release. Today, Trixie Mattel gives an inside look at The Blonde & Pink Albums.

Trixie Mattel’s fun and flirty double LP The Blonde & Pink Albums is rooted in the contrasting realities of her personal experience and eccentric imagination. Out on Friday, June 24th, the dual release celebrates all aspects of her life through the artful balance between the poignant and beautiful moments of Mattel’s growth as an individual and performer.

The rock-tinged first single “Hello Hello” ventures into the “what ifs” of Mattel’s imagination. On the track, the singer explores a hypothetical situation about hooking up with someone you had just met at a bar, embracing the beauty of a fleeting decision.

Contrasting the bubbly “Hello Hello,” the Shakey Graves-assisted “This Town” is perhaps Mattel’s most vulnerable song on the project. Looking back at her childhood in rural Wausaukee, Wisconsin, Mattel depicts the duality of her hometown.

“I love small towns and I love being from a small town, so I always have this alternate reality where I’m a very equally happy person still living in a small town,” Mattel tells Consequence. “Most queer people hate where they’re from; I don’t feel that way. I didn’t really experience a lot of gay bullying or anything.”

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She continues, “I think bigger schools with more anonymity facilitate more cruelty. Small towns are beautiful, but they also create darkness, things like domestic abuse, unchecked drug use.”

Mattel also previewed The Blonde & Pink Albums with the Loretta Lynn-inspired “C’mon Loretta.” Pick up a physical copy of the double LP here.

Listen to Trixie Mattel’s The Blonde & Pink Albums and check out the inspiration behind each track below.


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