AMC Brings Back Discount Tuesdays $5 Tickets

Available now through October

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Outside of a good old-fashioned rock propping open the back door, AMC’s Discount Tuesdays have long been one of the most economical way to see movies on the big screen. The practice was discontinued during the pandemic but now it’s back, and any Tuesday from June 5th through October you can catch all of the new movies for just $5.

The program does come with a few strings attached, though nothing overly onerous. You’ll have to first join the AMC Stubs Loyalty Insider program; the lowest tier is not only free, but also comes with free refills on large popcorn. Besides that, if you want to watch a movie on IMAX or other premium format, only the base ticket price is set to $5, and the usual upcharge applies.

“Discount Tuesday at AMC was a favorite among moviegoers prior to the pandemic,” said AMC’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer Eliot Hamlisch in a statement. “As millions of moviegoers are returning to AMC each week this summer, we want to ensure that there are a variety of opportunities to find great value while seeing movies only available on the big screen at AMC theatres around the country.”

AMC Entertainment has come a long way since it nearly went bankrupt last summer. For better or worse, the company has been diversifying its portfolio, and in March of this year it acquired a stake in Hycroft, a literal gold and silver mining operation. The purchase was filed with the SEC on March 15th, and since then Hycroft’s stock price has declined 50%.

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