Ghosts, Serial Killers, and Freaky Dolls Run Wild in Trailer for American Horror Stories Installment 2: Watch

The American Horror Story anthology spinoff returns July 21st

american horror stories installment 2 trailer

Last year, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk spun off camp favorite American Horror Story into the anthology series American Horror Stories. Come July 21st, the spinoff returns with Installment 2, and in its freshly released trailer, ghosts, serial killers, and freaky dolls terrorize such stars as Alicia Silverstone, Bella Thorne, and Max Greenfield.

Where American Horror Story took us on season-long journeys through haunted asylums, hotels, and freak shows, American Horror Stories offers a new, self-contained adventure every week. In the trailer for Installment 2, Silverstone attempts to clear a clogged bathtub drain, only to discover someone, not something, is the culprit. Meanwhile, Thorne and Greenfield play skeptics, as Greenfield denies the existence of ghosts and Thorne swears that “There is not a serial killer that’s gonna stop me from doing my thing.” Surely, things will work out in her favor.

Watch the trailer for American Horror Stories Installment 2 below. The series, which streams exclusively on Hulu, is executive produced by Murphy, Falchuk, Alexis Martin Woodall, John J. Gray, and Manny Coto. Earlier this year, Murphy produced an Andy Warhol docuseries based on the late artist’s diaries, even using AI technology to recreate his voice.


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