BTS’ Record Label BIGHIT Music Enlists ARMY Against “Malicious” Online Posts

BIGHIT warns: "There will be no settlement nor leniency"

BTS BIGHIT Music ARMY Online Comments

BIGHIT Music, the South Korean record label behind BTS, has called on the pop group’s fabled fan ARMY to combat “malicious postings” directed at the band. In a note shared via Weverse on June 29th, the label revealed that it had “filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives.”

The statement served as an “update” to legal proceedings that the company says it “regularly initiates” against “perpetrators of malicious activities related to BTS, including defamation, personal attacks, sexual harassment, the spread of groundless information, and ill-intentioned criticism.” Specificially, the company pointed to a single poster who used “dozens of different IP addresses” to post “malicious comments” about the band on the South Korean internet forum DC Inside and will now be faced with litigation.

They also made an example out of “the accused of an ongoing investigation” who “recently attempted to settle the case,” saying, “there will be no settlement nor leniency. We would like to stress that we will continue to initiate strict measures to ensure that these malicious acts are not repeated, and our policy of no settlement and no leniency remains in effect.”

The process of holding toxic internet trolls accountable could seem hopeless, but BIGHIT made it clear that they will remain vigilant in protecting their artists from “more defamation postings with extremely malicious and delusional content.” They also hinted at more happening behind the scenes, stating, “We cannot reveal every detail of the content of the complaint to ensure a proper investigation.” The post concluded with a reminder to ARMY that “reports from our fans are very helpful in responding to such activities” and directed fans to report cases of abuse to their email hotline:

In early June, misinterpreted comments by BTS suggested a surprise, extended hiatus. Members of the band later clarified that they were “remaining active as a group” and “that this is not the end.” Those fears were alleviated as the Korean pop septet opened their “new chapter” last Friday, July 1st with the debut of j-hope‘s solo single “MORE.” He’ll release his solo album Jack in the Box on July 15th and end the month headlining the closing night of Lollapalooza.

BTS released the anthology album PROOF in June, which featured the new tracks “Run BTS” and “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).”


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