Courtney Marie Andrews Shares Origins for New Single “Loose Future”: Exclusive

Inspired by love, Arizona, and more

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Origins is a recurring new music series offering artists a space to reveal everything that went into their latest release. Today, Courtney Marie Andrews breaks down her new single, “Loose Future.” 

For the last decade, Courtney Marie Andrews has been sharing the most vulnerable parts of herself in her well-seasoned discography. Ahead of her upcoming album Loose Future, she has shared the title track, a window into her deep hesitations regarding love and the inherent uncertainty that comes with it.

“Loose Future” is not to be mistaken for simply a love song, but rather stands as a poignant ode to the unpredictability of life. Apt for a period where everyone has felt the effects of an unforeseen future, the new single has a universal quality while still feeling incredibly personal to Andrews.

“Everything was and continues to seem loose and unstable these days, both in the world and in my own patterns of love,” the singer-songwriter tells Consequence. “I wasn’t ready to make promises for a future that feels forever unpredictable and sporadic.”

Still, Andrews wanted “Loose Future” to capture different types of love, listing off “Love in all the uncertainty. Love in an unstable world. Love without forever. Autonomous love, because the future is most certainly loose.”

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“Loose Future” deals with the nuances of love’s turbulent nature, being both a celebration and an apprehensive cry. It reminds us that in a world where the only thing we can be certain of is the uncertainty of life itself, the best we can do is hold onto the love we have right now.

Listen to “Loose Future” below and read Andrews’ full Origins breakdown.

Loose Future marks the follow-up to Andrews’ Grammy-nominated 2020 album, Old Flowers, and arrives October 7th via Fat Possum. Pre-orders are ongoing.

Andrews is headed on the road beginning this August in support of the album. Tickets are available now via Ticketmaster.


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