Somewhere in Indiana, Stranger Things Pays Tribute to Eddie Munson with Crop Art: Watch

Created by artist Stan Herd

eddie munson crop art

Eddie Munson may have been the breakout character of Stranger Things Season 4, a point proven by Netflix’s latest piece of marketing, a huge crop art installation the streaming service commissioned in his image.

A new video, shot in a field “somewhere in Indiana,” shows a huge piece of crop art by artist Stan Herd depicting the beloved metalhead in all his glory. The aerial shots of the artwork are soundtracked, of course, by Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” a fitting tribute for the character. “Eddie Munson 4 Ever,” the design reads. It leaves you wondering how far in advance Netflix commissioned the environmental piece, which was surely a lot of work, but apparently the streamer is always 10 steps ahead of the rest of us. Check out the crop art below.

Actor Joseph Quinn did a lot of prep to play Eddie — namely, he “listened to a lot of heavy metal” and read a book about Dungeons & Dragons. It appears his work paid off, since Metallica duetted “Master of Puppets” with Quinn (who, along with bassist Robert Trujillo’s son, Tye, played the song himself in the show) on TikTok. What’s more, the actor even scored a real Ronnie James Dio patch from the artist’s estate for his character’s battle jacket.

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