Joe Pera Talks with You Canceled After Three Seasons: “Farewell, For Now”

"Thank you for watching and supporting and helping the show go as far as it did"

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Joe Pera shared on Thursday, July 7th, that his beloved comedy series Joe Pera Talks with You has been canceled by Adult Swim after three seasons.

The comedian posted the news on Twitter with the caption “Farewell, For Now” before linking to a longer statement on his personal website, which reads in part, “Hello, I am writing to share the unfortunate news that Joe Pera Talks with You is over for now. We were driving home from Bethlehem, PA the morning after my final Spring Tour show when I got a call that it wouldn’t be renewed for another season.”

“‘Ok, I know what to do’ I thought, and stopped the car for some fast food. It was a lot to process, especially after meeting so many of you on the road who were so enthusiastic about it,” he continued. “I also thought about how we were really just getting going. This winter I spent three weeks in Marquette doing research (also drinking beer) and was filled with new ideas. But mostly, it’s a shame that the characters’ stories can’t continue.

However, Pera still hopes to give the show the ending it deserves. “I knew where things were headed,” he wrote, “but I won’t say here cause part of me is holding out hope that sometime down the line we can film a proper ending for Joe, Sarah, the Melskys, Gene, Lulu, and most importantly, Fred the Sample Guy.”

Back on Twitter, Pera added a follow-up tweet expressing his appreciation for everyone who worked on the show as well as all of its fans, writing, “Most importantly though, thank you to everyone who worked so hard and put so much creativity into it over the course of three seasons. And thank you for watching and supporting and helping the show go as far as it did.”

Premiering in May 2018, the slice-of-life comedy ran for a total of 31 episodes, along with a special featuring unused footage from the show’s first two seasons that aired in 2020. In addition to airing on Adult Swim, the show also found a streaming home on HBO Max.

Read Pera’s full statement about the cancellation here.


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