Joe Rogan Refused to Interview Trump: “I Don’t Want to Help Him”

"He is an existential threat to democracy itself"

joe rogan refused to interview donald trump don't want to help him

You can call Joe Rogan many things — a conspiracy theorist, a racist, an out-of-touch rich douchebag — just don’t call him a Trump supporter. In a recent appearance on The Lex Fridman Podcast, Rogan revealed that on several occasions he declined to interview former President Donald Trump because, as he explained, “I don’t want to help him.”

Rogan went on at length about “division” in the United States, and his belief that the pandemic poured “gasoline on this already burning fire of conflict between the various factions of thought in this country.”

He added, “It’s already a weird time, post-Trump. The Trump era is also going to be one of the weirder times when people look back historically about the division in this country. He’s such a polarizing figure, that so many people felt like they could abandon their own ethics and morals and principles just to attack him and anybody who supports him because he is an existential threat to democracy itself.”

Rogan did not elaborate on what measures are appropriate during such “existential threats,” but he did say, “I think it’s gonna get weirder. He’s going to run again.”

The world’s most popular podcast host added that Trump is likely to win. “Well, he’s running against a dead man, you know? I mean, (Joe) Biden, shakes hands with people that aren’t even there when he gets off stage. I think he’s seeing ghosts… If he was anyone else, if he was a Republican, if that was Donald Trump doing that, every fucking talk show would be screaming for him to be off the air,” he said.

“By the way, I’m not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form. I’ve had the opportunity to have him on my show more than once — I’ve said no, every time. I don’t want to help him,” Rogan continued. “I’m not interested in helping him.”

“I think you’ll have him on,” Fridman responded. “I think ultimately, I mean, you had, you’ve had a lot of people that I think you might, you may otherwise be skeptical. ‘Would I have a good conversation?’ Which I think is your metric, you don’t care about politics… And I think you had like Kanye (West) on, for example and you had a great conversation with them.”

“Yeah, but Kanye’s an artist,” Rogan replied. “Kanye doing well, or not doing well, doesn’t change the course of our country.”

Check out the full interview below, with the above conversation beginning around the 26-minute mark.

Rogan may not like Trump, but that doesn’t mean there are no politicians he admires. Last week he singled out Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, saying, “DeSantis would work as a good president. I mean, what he’s done for Florida has been admirable.” Among the governor’s recent legislative victories is the so-called “Don’t Say Gay Bill,’ which seeks to punish teachers for mentioning homosexuality and transgendered individuals.

As for Trump, he’s still trying to make TruthSocial a viable competitor to Twitter, though they may have trouble attracting more users if they keep banning people who discuss Trump’s role in the January 6th insurrection.


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