Nathan Fielder Prepares You for Life’s Cringiest Moments in Trailer for The Rehearsal: Watch

The HBO series premieres on July 15th

nathan fielder the rehearsal trailer hbo max series

You don’t need really good grades from one of Canada’s top business schools to know that Nathan Fielder isn’t the suavest guy around. But in the trailer released today for his upcoming HBO series The Rehearsalthe comedian begs the question: What if you could “rehearse” all of life’s most terrifying, awkward, and uncertain moments before they actually happen? Fielder’s first on-screen appearance since his Comedy Central breakout Nathan for You hits HBO Max on July 15th.

“I’ve been told my personality can make people uncomfortable,” Fielder says in the trailer’s voiceover. “But I’ve learned that if you plan for every variable, a happy outcome doesn’t have to be left to chance.” The clip then cuts to Fielder in a man’s living room, revealing that the good conversation they’re having isn’t serendipitous at all. Fielder has, in fact, rehearsed their entire interaction in a replica of the man’s home prior to their meeting.

The Rehearsal, which Fielder also writes and directs, appears to be similar in structure to Nathan for You, blurring the line between cringe comedy and docu-reality show. With the help of some aspiring actors and a very patient production team, Fielder’s new series assures you that no matter what awkward situations you’ve gotten yourself into, there’s no need to fret: Just practice for the next time they inevitably happen. Watch the official trailer for The Rehearsal below.

Aside from The Rehearsal, Fielder has been working as an executive producer on the third season of HBO’s How To with John Wilson. He’s also been cast opposite Emma Stone in The Curse, an upcoming Showtime series from the Safdie brothers.



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