Tom Hanks: “I Don’t Understand” Why Tim Allen Didn’t Voice Buzz in New Lightyear Movie

To be fair, the concept is a bit meta

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Despite Pixar and Disney’s attempts to explain the new Lightyear movie is about the original version of Buzz Lightyear that the toy in Toy Story is based on, many fans still remained confused about why Tim Allen didn’t voice the character. Count Tom Hanks among those people.

In a recent interview with Cineblend promoting Baz Lurman’s Elvis biopic, Hanks was asked if it was going to be “strange to be in theaters opposite a Buzz Lightyear film.” In response, the Toy Story actor said, “I actually wanted to go head-to-head with Tim Allen and then they didn’t let Tim Allen do it. I don’t understand that.”

When Hanks was reminded that Chris Evans voices Buzz in the new movie, Hanks said, “Oh yeah, yeah. I know.” He concluded by saying the most important thing is for movie fans to “come back to the motion picture theater.”

Hanks added, “I want to go back into the theater with a bunch of strangers and leave with something in common. That’s what I want to do. And going to see a movie with them, I’m looking forward to that.”

In the original Toy Story movies, Hanks played the character of Woody, whose position as Andy’s favorite toy gets jeopardized by the arrival of Buzz. However, the two become friends by the end of the first film in the series, with Hanks and Allen’s real-life relationship following suit.

Allen recently shared his opinion about Lightyear in an interview with Extra. “I’ve stayed out of this ’cause it has nothing to do [with my character],” he explained. “There’s really no Toy Story Buzz without Woody… It just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy.” Sounds like Allen almost gets the concept, even if he might not be entirely happy about it.

If you’re still a little confused about the concept of Lightyear, read our explainer and get an even more detailed breakdown here. A same-sex kiss scene in the movie has drawn the ire of conservative moviegoers, who Evans has slammed as “idiots.”

Following the release of Elvis last month, Hanks is set to star as Geppetto in Disney+’s live-action Pinocchio remake, out in September. Offscreen, he recently screamed at an autograph hound who tripped his wife Rita Wilson. Meanwhile, Allen has reunited with Richard Karn for a Home Improvement-inspired reality series called More Power and will reprise his role as Scott Calvin in a Santa Clause sequel series.


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