KISS Announce Creatures of the Night 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

Stream the previously unreleased outtake "Betrayed" now

kiss creatures of the night deluxe edition

KISS have announced a 40th anniversary reissue of their classic 1982 album Creatures of the Night, including a massive super deluxe edition box set.

The band is re-releasing the album in a slew of various formats arriving November 18th: 5-CD/Blu-ray Super Deluxe Edition; 3-LP Deluxe; 2-CD Deluxe; single LP half-speed mastered 180-gram vinyl; single remastered CD; and a digital download of the 5-CD Super Deluxe Edition.

The super deluxe edition boasts 103 total tracks with 75 being previously unreleased — including the studio outtake “Betrayed” that is available to stream now. The first disc houses the original remastered album; discs 2 and 3 include 34 demos, rarities, and outtakes from the Creatures of the Night sessions; and discs 4 and 5 collect 26 soundboard live recordings from the “Creatures ’82/’83 Tour” and seven tour “sound effects,” all recorded and archived by tour sound engineer Harry Witz. Meanwhile, the included Blu-ray audio disc houses the first-ever Atmos and 5.1 surround mix of the original album multi-tracks as well as a high-res remastered stereo mix of the original album.

Additionally, the super deluxe box set includes an extensive array of KISS memorabilia and ephemera, including: an 80-page hardcover book with liner notes by Ken Sharpa; a Creatures of the Night 1982 press kit; multiple posters; replica programs, tickets, and a backstage pass; a plethora of stickers; trading cards; illustrations; an iron-on patch and T-shirt transfer; guitar picks; buttons; and photos.

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Creatures of the Night is considered one of the strongest post-1980 KISS albums and came at a time of transition for the band. With Ace Frehley and Peter Criss out of the picture, drummer Eric Carr and a host of guitarists — including soon-to-be fixture Vinnie Vincent — filled in admirably. Two of the album’s tracks, “Rock and Roll Hell” and “War Machine,” were even co-written with pop rocker Bryan Adams.

Pre-order the reissue in its various configurations via KISS’ online store. Below you can see the full tracklist for the 5-CD edition and stream the outtake “Betrayed.”

Creatures of the Night Super Deluxe Edition:

kiss creatures of the night box set

Creatures of the Night Super Deluxe Edition Tracklist:
Disc 1: Original Album Remastered
01. Creatures Of The Night
02. Saint And Sinner
03. Keep Me Comin’
04. Rock And Roll Hell
05. Danger
06. I Love It Loud
07. I Still Love You
08. Killer
09. War Machine

Disc 2: Demos, Rarities & Outtakes
01. I’m A Legend Tonight
02. Down On Your Knees
03. Nowhere To Run
04. Partners In Crime
05. Deadly Weapon (Penny Lane Demo)*
06. Feel Like Heaven (Penny Lane Demo)*
07. Nowhere To Run (Penny Lane Demo)*
08. Deadly Weapon (Original Demo)*
09. Feel Like Heaven (Original Demo)*
10. Nowhere To Run (Take 11 – Instrumental)*
11. Tell It To A Fool (Take 4 – Drums & Bass Instrumental)*
12. Chrome Goes Into Motion (Take 2 – Drums & Bass Instrumental)*
13. I’m A Legend Tonight (Mix 4 – Instrumental & Background Vocals)*
14. Don’t Leave Me Lonely (Take 8 – Drums & Guitar Instrumental)*
15. Something Seems To Happen At Night (Gene Simmons Demo)
16. It’s Gonna Be Alright (Gene Simmons Demo)

Disc 3: Demos, Rarities & Outtakes
01. Legends Never Die (Gene Simmons Demo)
02. It’s My Life (Gene Simmons Demo)
03. Not For The Innocent (Demo)*
04. I Still Love You (Take 1)*
05. I Still Love You (Take 2)*
06. Saint And Sinner (Take 1)*
07. Saint And Sinner (Take 2 – False Start)*
08. Saint And Sinner (Take 3)*
09. Betrayed (Outtake)*
10. Creatures Of The Night (Alternate Mix 19)*
11. Partners In Crime (Alternate Mix 16b)*
12. I Love It Loud (Alternate Mix 21)*
13. War Machine (Full-Length Version – Mix 11)*
14. Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2 – 9/10/1982)*
15. Rock And Roll Hell (Take 1 – Incomplete – 9/15/1982)*
16. Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2 – 9/15/1982)*
17. I Love It Loud (Single Edit)
18. Creatures Of The Night (1985 Remix)

Disc 4: Creatures Tour Live ‘82/’83 – Part One
01. Creatures Of The Night (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
02. Strutter (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
03. Calling Dr. Love (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
04. Firehouse (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
05. I Love It Loud (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
06. Cold Gin (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
07. Keep Me Comin’ (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
08. War Machine (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
09. I Want You (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
10. Rock And Roll Hell (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
11. I Still Love You (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
12. Shout It Out Loud (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
13. Gene’s Bass Solo (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
14. God Of Thunder / Eric’s Drum Solo / God Of Thunder (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*

Disc 5: Creatures Tour Live ‘82/’83 – Part Two
01. Paul’s Love Gun Rap (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
02. Love Gun (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
03. Paul’s Guitar Solo (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
04. Black Diamond (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
05. Detroit Rock City (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
06. Rock And Roll All Nite (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
07. Rock And Roll Hell (Sioux City, Iowa – 12/30/1982)*
08. I Want You (Rockford, Illinois – 12/31/1982)*
09. King Of The Night Time World (Pine Bluff, Arkansas – 2/11/1983)*
10. Cold Gin (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
11. I Still Love You (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
12. Strutter (Houston, Texas – 3/10/1983)*
13. Tank Start Of Show*
14. Turbine*
15. Firehouse Siren*
16. Drum And Ending Tank*
17. Bass Solo Wind And Gargoyles*
18. Bells*
19. Flames*

* = previously unreleased


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