LAUV Breaks Down New Album All 4 Nothing Track by Track: Exclusive

The pop singer-songwriter's sophomore album has arrived

lauv all 4 nothing

The next chapter has arrived for LAUV. The pop singer-songwriter followed the smash success of “I Like Me Better” with a 2018 playlist, I met you when I was 18, and his 2020 debut album, ~how I’m feeling~. Now, he’s returned today, August 5th, with All 4 Nothing, an album he describes as a record about “surrendering to love and life.”

From the previously-released album opener “26,” which the artist reveals to be the place where he shares the “why” behind the album, to the closer of “First Grade,” LAUV’s pop sensibilities and catchy melodies are on full display.

According to LAUV, now that the album is here, there’s still plenty for fans to look forward to. “I’m really excited for my tour,” he tells Consequence. “It’s going to be very, very lit, and more dates are coming soon!” (Grab tix to see LAUV live here.)

Here, he breaks down All 4 Nothing track by track, sharing details behind each song on the record and vignettes into his songwriting process. “I hope listeners take away something genuine,” he says of the LP.

Listen to All 4 Nothing and check out the full breakdown below.


“26” established the ‘why’ I made this album and the struggles I was going through, so I wanted to put it out first to give some context.


This came out in the moment. There wasn’t really a specific mood I was channeling, but the song is about being anxious and wanting to fall in love but knowing that it’s fallen apart so many times and being like, “Am I going to ruin this again? Please save me.”

“Kids Are Born Stars”:

“Kids Are Born Stars” was inspired by some inner child meditation work I was doing, and I was envisioning myself in 8th grade. I was inspired to write a song about that time in my life. It has a really fun vibe.

“Molly in Mexico”:

This is very much a fun driving vibe song which was unexpected. I’ve done a lot of slower, mid-tempo songs that are more emotional and softer but this album has a lot of energy while still having the emotion as well.


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