Flatbush Zombies Answer the Consequestionnaire: 15 Years of Performing on Tables, Growth, and Singing Jason Mraz

Zombie Juice answers questions about his karaoke jam, goals, and more

flatbush zombies consequestionnaire

It’s Consequence’s 15th anniversary, and all month long we are featuring a series of retrospective features and essays encompassing our publication’s history — as well as the entertainment landscape at large. We’re also giving some of our past CoSigned artists a chance to look back at the last 15 years with our Consequestionnaire; today’s respondents are Flatbush Zombies.

One of the best parts of our Consequence: 15 Years of Sound celebration has been catching up with some of our favorite artists. We sent out our Consequestionnaire to a number of our former Artists of the Month and CoSigns to see what they had to say about the last decade and a half, and how their career has grown since we gave them our stamp of approval. Today, we reconnect with Flatbush Zombies, who we CoSigned way back in March 2016.

Since forming in 2010, the Brooklyn hip-hop trio have grown from underground alternative rap risers to kings of the genre. They’ve released a score of EPs and mixtapes, on top of a pair of full-lengths and their debut album with the Beast Coast collaborative (featuring Pro Era and The Underachievers). They’ve teamed with RZA, Tech N9ne, and Snoop Dogg, and even contributed to the tribute album The Metallica Blacklist.

Recently, the trio have been focusing on solo projects; Meechy Darko dropped Gothic Luxury back in August, while Erick the Architect’s Future Proof EP arrived in early 2020. Whether working solo or as a unit, they’ve managed to stretch deep into the hip-hop consciousness of the last 15 years.

We caught up with perhaps the group’s most animated member, Zombie Juice, to see how he’s felt about the last decade and a half. Check out the Flatbush Zombies rapper’s answers to the Consequestionnaire below, and see who else has filled out our Q&A here.


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