FLETCHER’s Truth Will Set Her Free

"I get to walk into the studio like a hot mess, and it's therapy," she says

fletcher interview

“People always ask, ‘Did you intentionally plan to be this open and honest?'” FLETCHER says, chatting with Consequence over Zoom on a rainy day in New York City. “Maybe it’s a combination of being from Jersey, and having an Italian mother, and that no filter exists, but, for me, it’s been so liberating.”

As a songwriter and artist, FLETCHER committed herself boldly to the idea of “open and honest” writing for the tracks in her official debut full-length album, Girl of My Dreams (arriving Friday, September 16th via Capitol Records). With three EPs already under her belt, FLETCHER’s reach exploded to an entirely new level following the release of single “Becky’s So Hot.” There’s using personal details in a song, and then there’s writing a song about an ex’s new partner and including their name.

People couldn’t get enough — TikTok latched onto the song, and the story behind it, and sprinted with it. The album, though, which FLETCHER describes as “a collection of thirteen honest feelings,” is much more than internet drama or tabloid-type stories. If there’s drama in Girl of My Dreams, it’s more in the theatrical sense than it is in the vein of gossip.

“The album is a lot of everything, and that’s what I’m feeling about it, too,” she says. Our conversation is taking place a few weeks before the album becomes available to the public, and she’s feeling nervous, excited, not ready, and beyond ready, all at the same time.


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