Hayley Kiyoko on Returning to TV for Apple TV+’s Life By Ella: Exclusive

The series is now streaming on Apple TV+

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Following the release of her sophomore album, Panorama, pop singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko is making a return to television.

Kiyoko is a definite multi-hyphenate — she’s an introspective songwriter, energetic performer, and has roots in the acting world. Her new onscreen credit arrives in the form of an appearance as herself in new Apple TV+ series Life By Ella, which tells the story of Ella, a young girl returning to school following a battle with cancer.

The show premiered on Apple TV+ globally on September 2nd — September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and the series aims to explore this often-heavy topic through an accessible lens for families and viewers of all ages. “The show has such an empowering storyline,” Kiyoko confirms.

Kiyoko’s appearance offers something new for the artist as well — it’s the first time she’ll be playing herself. “I’ve never played ‘myself’ in a show before, but, reading the script, I was so touched and honored to be thought of for this moment in Ella’s journey,” Kiyoko tells Consequence. “As an artist, you hope your art will help ignite hope and it was really special to have my music crossover in this way.”

Kiyoko has been busy lately. She’s celebrating the release of Panorama by sharing it with audiences currently out on tour with Lauv, where they’re set to play shows through the end of September. For her appearance on Life By Ella, she reached back to her 2018 EP, Citrine, to find the perfect track to match the storyline.

“I had a blast on set, especially performing ‘Gravel To Tempo,’ which is a song about resilience and being able to show up for yourself,” she shares. “It remains one of my favorite songs to this day. Spending time with the cast was so much fun; Lily Brooks is so sweet and such a talented young actress!”

Check out the exclusive look at Kiyoko’s appearance on Life By Ella below.

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