White People Save the Day in Kid Rock’s New Video for “Never Quit”: Watch

Kid Rock has ended racism, folks

kid rock never quit new music video watch

Kid Rock probably thinks he made some sort of grand statement about ending racism in his new music video for “Never Quit,” a track from his most recent album Bad Reputation. The message rings entirely hollow, however, when the artist delivering it takes pride in flying the Confederate flag and palled around with a president who courted the support of white supremacists.

In the video, a Black man discovers his store has been vandalized in what seems to be an almost entirely white town. The camera makes sure to linger several times on his framed photo with a white man he served with, an image of a white Jesus, and a thin blue line flag; interpret that how you may. Due to his longstanding ties to the community, the town quickly rallies together to help with the cleanup process.

Somehow this involves gathering together a stash of guns because ‘Murica. Among the people who show up are the vandals themselves, one of whom appears to be white and the other Black. After the former confesses to what happened, the store owner informs the police, but instead of having them sent to jail, he puts them to work at his store. Lesson learned, I guess?

The song itself is basically what you would expect. It’s full of lyrics both jingoist (“Uncle Sam, I still love this man”) and anti-woke (“You bottom feeders and social media sluts/ I’m still the salt and the swing”) in nature. Watch Kid Rock’s “Never Quit” video below if you must.

This Fourth of July, Kid Rock continued proving he’s the absolute worst by sharing a homophobic meme. Add it to the quickly outdated list of his lowest moments we published last year.


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