Koe Wetzel Shares Origins of “Money Spent” Video: Exclusive

Inspired by life on the road, a pecan farm and more

Koe Wetzel Money Spent

Koe Wetzel has unleashed the music video for “Money Spent,” a track off of his fifth studio album, Hell Paso, which also arrives today (September 16th). After vanquishing zombies during the apocalypse in the music video for “Creeps,” Wetzel steps back to showcase the fast-paced life of an artist who’s continuing to pioneer his way to stardom with his distinct style.

The Northeast Texas musician doesn’t pigeonhole himself into one genre, but instead combines sounds to build an artist that takes his Texas roots and melds them with grunge and country styles. This approach is in full effect with “Money Spent,” as the opening portion of the track sees Wetzel in a somber state, both in lyrics and a heavy-hearted guitar.

In the new video, Wetzel lights a check on fire with a heart written on it before cutting to a stadium shot. As much as he’s pained by a person from his past, he begins to realize there are more important things he has to focus on. “I got better things to do/ Than backtrack way back when you loved me,” he sings. But that somberness is interrupted by a sound of triumph, as a gritty, grunge sound creates an uplifting sense of moving forward.

The video continually cuts back to the burning check, while including quick snapshots of life on tour, studio sessions, and meet-ups with Snoop Dogg and Kodak Black. “Money Spent” isn’t meant to be a braggadocious track or video, but rather a reminder for himself that as a star in the making, there’s too much good in his present and future to be concerned about the past.

Get an exclusive first look at the video for Koe Wetzel’s “Money Spent” below, followed by his breakdown of the influences behind the track and video.

Koe Wetzel just kicked off a lengthy US tour that stretches into early December. Tickets are available to purchase here.



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