Pusha T Commits a McMurder on New McRib Diss Track “Rib Roast”: Stream

This roast comes on behalf of Arby's and follows Pusha T's "Spicy Fish Diss" from earlier this year

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Pusha T has compiled enough gritty nicknames to populate a whole gangster movie: The L Ron Hubbard of the Cupboard, Cocaine’s Dr. Seuss, Pusha Thanos, and now, “The boss with the smoky Q sauce.” That’s because King Push has once again partnered with Arby’s to absolutely body a McDonald’s product, this time with the “Rib Roast,” a McRib diss track.

The Virginia MC committed his first McMurder earlier this year with “Spicy Fish Diss,” though his feelings about McDonald’s go back much further than that. Pusha T was either the partial or full author of that famous, “Ba da ba ba ba,” in the first “I’m Lovin’ It” commercial from 2003. The actual credit is highly disputed, though marketing CEO Steve Stoute revealed in 2016 that Clipse — that’s Push and his brother No Malice — were responsible. For his part, Pusha has complained about being severely underpaid.

Now he’s back for revenge. On “Rib Roast,” Pusha T goes deep into his bag, and not to pull out the last few fries. “They call me when it’s time to do damage,” he spits, “When the quality ain’t up to my standards/ That McRib falls below average/ Replaced by the Country-Style Arby’s Rib Sandwich.”

It’s memorable and occasionally funny, with plenty of shots at McDonald’s “mystery meat.” The song is punctuated by one of his trademark “Yeeugh!” ad-libs that doubles as a review of the McRib. Check it out below.

Earlier this year Pusha T released the coke rap masterpiece It’s Almost Dryour pick for the best hip-hop album of the first half of the year. He’s currently on tour in support of that album, and tickets are available here.


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