A Timeline of Kanye West’s Antisemitism

Antisemitic behavior isn't anything new

kanye west history of antisemitism timeline

Kanye West has gone off the rails once again. After publicly feuding with Gap and Adidas all summer over his dissatisfactory partnerships with the companies, he kicked off October by wearing a “White Lives Matter” sweater at a surprise Yeezy fashion show.

The message received strong pushback from many celebrities, including Diddy. West made their heated exchange public by posting screenshots of their texts on Instagram, including one message in which he implied Diddy is controlled by Jews.

His account was then restricted by Instagram, after which West jumped to Twitter for the first time in two years. Following an unrepentantly antisemitic tweet in which he threatened to go “death con 3” on Jewish people, he was also locked out from Twitter.

Just days later, it was revealed West made several disparaging comments about Jewish people during a sitdown with Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson that were edited out of the two-part interview that eventually aired.

This antisemitic behavior isn’t anything new for West. There are at least three other instances in the past when he has either put Hitler in a positive light or perpetuated negative stereotypes against Jewish people.

See a timeline of West’s troubling history of antisemitism below.


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