Betty Who Breaks Down New Album BIG! Track by Track: Exclusive

The pop artist shares the stories of self-acceptance, growing up, and connection behind her latest project

betty who big album breakdown

Track by Track is a recurring feature series in which artists share the story behind every song on their latest release. Today, Betty Who breaks down her new album, BIG!.

Betty Who has returned with her new album BIG! on Friday, October 14th, and she’s kicking off a new era of her own story along with it.

For this project, the Australian-American artist emerged from a long period of reflection, ready to dig into some more personal stories alongside her crop of pop anthems championing self-acceptance and unabashed joy. “A huge theme of this record is coming to terms with who you are and the hand life has dealt you,” she tells Consequence.

For those who have listened to Betty Who throughout the years, the fact that the songs here often come wrapped in (appropriately) massive, ’80s sounds won’t be too much of a surprise.

Soon, the pop singer-songwriter will be hitting the road for a 2023 tour, which lands in the U.S. in February after a string of European dates. Her discography as a whole is already so bright and theatrical, and this latest album only adds to the need to get into a crowd and dance.

“I won’t apologize for taking up space,” she sings on the album’s title track, capturing a theme that runs strong throughout the ten tracks.

To celebrate the album’s arrival out in the world, Betty Who shares some of the stories behind each song on the record. Listen to BIG! and read the breakdown of the album below.

Ed. note: Pick up tickets to Betty Who’s 2023 tour via Ticketmaster.


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