A Timeline of Blink-182’s Lineup Changes

From the Raynor years to the Skiba era -- and their latest reunion with Tom DeLonge

Blink-182 to reunite for 2023 tour

Millennials rejoiced when Blink-182 announced that their most iconic lineup — bassist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker, and guitarist Tom DeLonge — was reuniting for new music and a world tour. Since 2015, Hoppus and Barker had carried on the pop punk band’s tradition with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba, but the return of DeLonge signaled a return to their goofball heydey — complete with a ridiculous announcement video that repeated, over and over, that they were “coming.”

On October 14th, the classic Blink-182 lineup will officially return with a new song called “Edging,” and next year, they’ll embark on a world tour that includes stops in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand (equally noteworthy is a headlining show at the second addition of the When We Were Young festival). See how you can get tickets to the reunion tour here.

Ahead of all this excitement, take a look back at Blink-182’s 25-year history with our roundup of all the trio’s lineup changes over the years.

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1992-1995: Early Years

Blink-182 was formed in August 1992 when DeLonge, new to San Diego-area Rancho Bernardo High School, met drummer Scott Raynor. Soon after, DeLonge met Hoppus, and the two bonded over their love of punk rock. DeLonge, Raynor, and Hoppus began performing under the names Duck Tape, Figure 8, and finally Blink, until Hoppus quit the band to focus on his girlfriend. Cam Jones briefly played bass in the group until Hoppus returned. The trio released their first official LP, Buddha, in 1994.

In 1994, Raynor’s family moved to Reno, Nevada, and he was replaced by drummer Mike Krull. The following year, however, Raynor moved back to California and rejoined the band.

1995-1998: Becoming 182 and Adding Barker

In 1995, the trio agreed to add “-182” to their name after the Irish group Blink raised issue with their moniker. Now signed to San Diego punk label Cargo Records, Hoppus, DeLonge, and Raynor released Cheshire Cat, hired a manager, and joined the Warped Tour. In 1997, they made their MCA debut with Dude Ranch. The following year, Raynor’s drinking problems came to a head, resulting in his firing from the band ahead of a tour with The Aquabats. Hoppus and DeLonge asked that band’s drummer, Travis Barker, to fill in on stage, and he learned Blink-182’s entire setlist 45 minutes before the band’s first show. Soon after, he joined the group full time.

1999-2004: The Golden Years

With Barker on deck, Blink-182 became increasingly melodic, and their biggest releases, 1999’s Enema of the State and 2001’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, became pop-punk staples. The music video for “What’s My Age Again?” — in which the band runs naked through the streets of Los Angeles — became an MTV favorite, and singles from both records like “Adam’s Song,” “All the Small Things,” “The Rock Show,” “Stay Together for the Kids,” and “First Date” were radio hits.

2005: Hiatus

After contentious recording sessions around the band’s 2004 self-titled album, Blink-182 announced an “indefinite hiatus” in 2005 that stemmed from DeLonge’s departure from the group. The guitarist went on to form Angels & Airwaves while Hoppus and Barker recorded together under the name +44. Barker also began creating hip-hop remixes, pursued a fashion career, and became a fixture of reality television.

2009: Reunion

In 2008, Barker and his friend Adam Goldstein were involved in a plane crash that killed four people and left them as the only survivors. Barker sustained second and third degree burns and underwent 16 surgeries and multiple blood transfusions. The incident inspired DeLonge, who hadn’t talked to his Blink-182 bandmates in years, to reach out to the drummer, and the trio eventually decided to reunite. In 2009, the band embarked on their first tour in five years, and in 2011, they released their sixth album, Neighborhoods. 

2015: DeLonge Quits Blink the Second Time, Is Replaced with Skiba

Blink-182’s initial reunion was always contentious. Hoppus recalled that the 2010s era had a “strange vibe,” and Barker opined that DeLonge didn’t get excited about the band again until “money started coming in.” According to the drummer, DeLonge even quit the group for one day in 2014. Blink was supposed to begin work on a new album in 2015, but DeLonge ultimately left for the second time.

Determined to continue, Hoppus and Barker enlisted Alkaline Trio singer-guitarist Matt Skiba to replace DeLonge. In 2016, Blink-182 released California, their first album without their original guitarist. Nine followed in 2019.

2021: Hoppus Announces Cancer Battle

In June 2021, Hoppus announced that he was battling cancer. Soon after, it was reported that the bassist had been meeting up with DeLonge, leading to speculation of a reconciliation. At the same time, Skiba stated that he himself was unsure of his status in Blink-182, fueling rumors of DeLonge’s return. In September 2021, Hoppus announced that he was cancer-free.

mark hoppus cancer announcement

October 2022: DeLonge Officially Returns

Blink-182 officially announced the return of DeLonge on October 11th, 2022, along with the news that new music and a world tour were coming.


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