Blondshell Offers Dramatic Devotion on New Single “Cartoon Earthquake”: Stream

As part of Spotify's Fresh Finds developing artists program

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We’re keeping our eyes and ears locked on Blondshell, the indie rock project of New York-bred, Los Angeles-based musician Sabrina Teitelbaum. She’s only officially released a handful of singles so far, but she adds another promising one today with “Cartoon Earthquake,” as part of Spotify’s Fresh Finds developing artists program.

Sonically, Blondshell can be categorized as angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion, layering the bleeding hearts of ’70 singer-songwriters over fuzzy, sweeping guitars reminiscent of the ’90s. Lyrically,  Teitelbaum specifically has a knack for writing about the nuances of love.

On “Cartoon Earthquake,” Teitelbaum cheekily ponders the extent to which her partner would put their lives on the line to keep their relationship intact: “If a rock hit the ground/ And split like a hairline fracture/ A cartoon earthquake now/ It’s me that you’d run after/ And jump the gap/ To get to my half/ I wanna trust that,” she sings.

“I wanted the earthquake metaphor to be as dramatic as possible, because in real life I was trying to play it cool,” Teitelbaum explains in a statement. “The song is my version of the famously annoying internet question ‘would you still love me if I was a worm?’ but instead it’s ‘would you risk your life and jump over a crack in the ground to be with me?’”

Listen to Blondshell — who just wrapped up a tour supporting Porridge Radio — on “Cartoon Earthquake” below.


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