Spooky Season Merch Now Available at Consequence Shop

No costume? No problem.

Consequence Spooky Season Merch

Spooky Season is in full swing. Here at Consequence, we’ve embraced Halloween by rolling out a new line of themed t-shirts and sweatshirts in the Consequence Shop.

Up first is the solution to costume anxiety — for anyone who might get stressed about finding the perfect Halloween fit, or nailing the balance between casual but festive but not too over the top, our latest tee is for you. Spooky eyes? Check. Skeleton nose? Check. Creepy smile? Check. It’s a look that (literally) says “This Is My Halloween Costume,” in just one simple, comfortable, funny shirt!

And it gets better: Our Halloween T-shirt collection is printed on 100% recycled fabric that has never been re-dyed. That means not only are you getting a fun and easy costume, you’re saving landfills from being filled with usable materials. Plus, this is a carbon neutral C-FREE product, certified Carbonfree® by purchasing third-party, verified carbon offsets through Carbonfund.org.

What’s a skeleton’s favorite snack? Spare ribs. Up next in the Halloween capsule is our Monster Ribs design, available both as a t-shirt and Jerzees sweatshirt. This piece has all the creepiness you need this October — or all fall long — with an original design featuring bloodshot eyes, snakes, sharp teeth, and bats galore. As Shakespeare wrote, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” It’s enough to make you wish Halloween was more than just one night! Shop this design — also made with that same recycled, certified Carbonfree fabric — here.

And, as always, find classic apparel, branded accessories, CBD, and so much more in the Consequence Shop. Trick or treat? It’s always a treat here.

Order by October 22nd for the best chance at receiving this item before the big day. 

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