Eminem’s 20 Best Songs

As the Rap God turns 50, we're revisiting his greatest tracks ever

eminem best songs

This article originally ran in 2013, but we’re dusting it off for Eminem’s birthday on October 17th.

It was a miracle really: A self-described “white boy” from Detroit travels to Los Angeles to battle in the Rap Olympics and comes in second place. An Interscope employee witnesses said kid in action and decides to send his demo to Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine, who then decides to forward it to Dr. Dre.

The unknown rapper and Dre connect, the veteran’s then-failing label is saved, and Eminem rises from an underground artist to a multi-platinum entertainer to a social pariah to a voice of a generation.

The tools Eminem had on this rise do seem tangible. His technical prowess is unmatched by most, his delivery can switch from melodic to manic in an instant, and his songwriting has evolved over time. But if it’s all tangible, then how come it hasn’t been replicated since he’s been in the game? Approximately 220 million of his albums have been sold worldwide — like that will happen for anyone ever again.

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In honor of Slim Shady’s 50th birthday (!), we’re looking back at his monster career with a list of his 20 greatest songs. Check it out below, and scroll to the end for a playlist.


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