Tegan Explains Her Complicated Relationship With Sara in High School Clip: Exclusive

The coming-of-age Freevee series is based on the memoir by Tegan and Sara

High School Interview Tegan Sara

High School isn’t just a triggering phrase for anyone who had a difficult adolescence — it’s also the title of the new Amazon Freevee series based on the memoir by Tegan and Sara Quin. Centered around the complicated sisterhood of two musically gifted twins as they come of age in the mid-90s, High School is all about what it’s like to discover who you are, and where your talents lie, during these formative years.

The nature of being a twin plays a big role in the series, as seen in the below exclusive clip. While Tegan (played by Railey Gilliland) is used to having to look after her sister Sara (Seazynn Gilliand), she finds that constant dynamic in her life being challenged by Maya (Amanda Fix), a new friend from school to whom Tegan is getting closer.

The clip captures the nuanced nature of the series, which Consequence writer Sam Rosenberg described as “both a coming-of-age tale and a sincerely sweet depiction of two sisters finding a way to connect through the power of music.” Executive produced by Tegan and Sara, High School also stars Cobie Smulders and Kyle Bornheimer, with Clea DuVall and Laura Kittrell serving as showrunners.

Check out the exclusive clip below. The first four episodes of High School premiere Friday, October 14th on Freevee, with new episodes dropping weekly until October 28th.


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